Tolo TV needs talented students

Afghanistan’s TOLO is a for-profit television channel run by MOBY Group. Initially broadcasting in 2004, it was one of the nation’s first commercial stations. By providing a sizable archive of programming, it established the framework for an accessible media channel.

TOLO TV, founded in 2004, is a prominent for-profit television channel in Afghanistan. Operated by MOBY Group, it played a significant role in shaping the country’s media landscape as one of the earliest commercial stations. Its vast collection of programs has not only entertained viewers but has also laid the foundation for a more accessible media platform. With its commitment to delivering quality content, TOLO TV continues to make a significant impact on the television industry in Afghanistan.

TOLO currently provides free-to-air
services to viewers in 14 cities in Afghanistan, and we intend to expand our reach within Afghanistan continually.
TOLO provides satellite TV services to the entire region on Yahsat.


Tolo TV is currently seeking exceptionally talented students, both male and female, who are approximately fourteen years old, to participate in our esteemed class programs.
For further inquiries or to apply, please reach out to us at the provided contact number: 0711995418.

If you are interested in joining
TOLO TV team, please send your
CV to TOLO TV HR Department
[email protected]

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