Chancellor of Institute

Closing Date:Dec 2, 2022Work Type:Full-Time
Number of Vacancies:1Gender:Male
Functional Area:Administrative, Education/ TrainingNationality:Afghan
Salary Range:As per the company salary scaleYears of Experience:3 – 4 Years
Contract Duration:Open EndedPossibility of Contract Extension:Yes
Contract Type:PermanentProbation Period:2 months
Required Languages:Dari, Pashto, English

About Ahmad Shah Abdali Institute of Higher Education:

Ahmad Shah Abdali is one of the 10 private higher education institutes of the Afghan Institute of Medical Education and Scientific Centers.

Ahmad Shah Abdali works in the private higher education institution of the Afghanistan Higher Education Institute of the Ministry of Law and Regulations in Sarah Sam, Khost province. This institution was founded in 1391 by Dr. Badshah Zar Abdali Kholwa University, which only has a Faculty of Medicine. For 7 days, he put his theory into practice, and then he was treated by Dr. Fargovi. Today, we are among the leading educational institutions and universities in Afghanistan.

Ahmad Shah Abdali has provided private higher education at the Institute of Six Rounds of Graduates of the Society for the purpose of serving, who is currently working as a doctor or co-specialist in various government and non-government hospitals.

It should be noted that the institute is officially recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) and PMC (Pakistan Medical Council) and its name is included in the list of international medical schools and at the same time in Canada and America ECFMG countries. Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) also received a sponsor note.

Job Summary:

  • D. Notification number: the second time
  • Job Title: Chief General
  • Ministry: Ministry of Higher Education
  • Administration: Ahmad Shah Abdali, the head of the private institute
  • Address: 1200 Family (Azadi Min), Khost, Afghanistan
  • Department: General Directorate
  • Bast: First
  • Reporting: The Institute of the Institute
  • Reporting: Institute of Vice-Chancellors and Deans of Faculties

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Legal representation of the institution of higher education;
  2. Presiding over the meetings of the Academic Council of the Institute and monitoring the implementation of decisions;
  3. Monitoring the implementation of the affairs of the institute’s assistants, faculties, and other related departments;
  4. Supervise and care for the provision of social and community services in the organization;
  5. To manage the organization’s finances, accounting, assets, and properties;
  6. Establishing order and discipline and leading to a suitable working environment in the organization;
  7. Taking necessary measures and providing facilities to improve the educational, training, and research situation in the institution;
  8. Attention and respect for the principles of academic freedom in the institution;
  9. Creating the necessary plans and programs to increase the income and assets of the organization through scientific research, publications, training courses, and the creation of production units;
  10. Establishing and strengthening academic relationships with partner institutions at the national and international levels;
  11. To attract financial and technical assistance from domestic and foreign individuals and institutions in accordance with the law;
  12. Signing academic and research agreements in accordance with the provisions of the law;
  13. Approving the decisions and measures of the academic council of faculties or referring to the academic council of the institution for review;
  14. Necessary measures related to the appointment of employees of the institution, confirmation of academic rank, increase of academic level, practical promotion, dismissal, and retirement;
  15. Necessary measures related to the recruitment of contractual and permanent academic staff;
  16. Necessary measures regarding the use of academic and short-term scholarships;
  17. Representation of the institution in foreign trips in case of necessity and duty;
  18. Development of necessary measures for improving the condition of services and maintenance of the institution;
  19. Necessary measures regarding recognition and appreciation of qualified employees of the institution;
  20. Necessary measures regarding the development and implementation of disciplinary and disciplinary standards in the institution;
  21. Planning long-term, medium-term and short-term development plans and programs;
  22. Submitting a report to the general meeting of teachers, the academic council of the institution, and the Ministry of Higher Education regarding the activities of the institution;
  23. To monitor the implementation of the law and to ensure equal and fair treatment of all employees of the institution before the law;
  24. Continued attention to meet the academic and health needs of institutions and employees;
  25. Monitoring the activities of academic, student, and financial administrative assistants and their related departments;
  26. Monitoring the performance of faculties;
  27. All the duties which pertain to the Director-General of the Institution in accordance with the law.

Job Requirement:

Education, experience, and skills:

The minimum requirements for this post are mentioned in Articles 7 and 34 of the Civil Service Act.

  1. Degree of Education:
  • » Minimum MD or Bachelor of Medicine,
  • » And if in other (non-medical) disciplines, at least Masters,
  • » Having the conditions for being a member of the academic staff,
  • » In both cases, a higher level of education is preferred.
  1. Required Experiences:
  • » Have at least 3-4 years of work experience in the relevant department.
  1. Skills:
  • » Having management skills;
  • » Having teaching skills;
  • » Having computer skills;
  • » Having communication and comprehension skills;
  • » Having mastery in one of the national languages ​​of the country and familiarity with the English language.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Khost

Submission Guideline:

Send your CVs through the institute’s email address ([email protected]).