Deputy Human Resource Manager

Job Location:Kabul
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:As per the bank salary Scale
Vacancy Number:BMA\\2023//23
No. Of Jobs:1
City:Kabul / Afghanistan
Organization:Bank-e- Millie Afghan
Years of Experience:4 years related Experience, in Human Resources Management
Contract Duration:Permanent
Education:Must have Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, Business Administration or Economics,
Close date:2023-04-13

About Bank-e- Millie Afghan:

Afghan Bank-e-Millie
In 1933, Afghanistan’s first financial institution, Bank-e- Millie Afghan (BMA), was founded. It was also the first financial institution to be founded as a public-private partnership with the private sector owning 72% of the company. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s citizens and government were given access to official banking services by BMA as the country’s first bank. Since then, the bank’s solid capital basis and track record of dependability have been the foundation of its competitive strength and continuous market leadership strategy.
It was completely nationalized by the Afghani government in 1976. From its founding, BMA has taken the lead in offering cutting-edge, secure financial services. The bank’s first responsibility is to keep depositors’ money safe. The bank is also making a significant contribution to the growth of the nation’s industry, agriculture, services, and foreign commerce. To maintain its reputation and customers’ confidence, BMA operates under tight compliance guidelines, financial risk management, and strong corporate governance standards. In addition to 22 province branches and equity stakes in the United States of America and England, BMA has 16 city branches in Kabul. Also, it is commemorating 89 years of renown.

Job Description:

  • In close consultation with all members of the HR Team, assist in preparing and keeping updated departmental and individual work plans; agree to output targets, ensure the assignment of tasks, and monitor HR personnel against agreed performance criteria.

  • Help the HR Manager to Develop and implement HR plan and HR policies and procedures

  • Take all initiatives as may be necessary for the development, testing, introduction, and institutionalization of modern methods of human resources management.

  • Create the conditions necessary for rewarding performance and providing a healthy conducive work environment.
  • Make sure each employee’s HR personnel files are updated and kept secret.
  • The daily management of the bank’s HR operations falls within the purview of the HR Manager.
  • Make the hiring process easier and verify references for newly hired personnel.
  • Organize the creation of job descriptions with the department managers.
  • Respond to questions from workers and provide information and general help on Human Resource Policies and Procedures.
  • Make sure that all workers are reviewed by their line supervisors at the conclusion of their probationary term, and coordinate the completion of the probationary period for the employees.
  • To find out why an employee left the bank, do exit interviews.
  • Make sure each employee’s HR personnel files are updated and kept secret.
  • making certain that every new employee receives a proper introduction to the Bank and its rules.
  • All associated responsibilities shall be carried out by Deputy HR Manager in the event of the HR Manager’s absence.
  • Do any other assignments relating to your work.

Job Requirements:

With a bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, or human resources, and four years of related work experience.
knowledge of HR best practices in-depth
competent with Microsoft Office.
understanding of the database and HR system
Superb Pashto, Dari, and English language writing and speaking skills.
interpersonal and communication abilities that are strong

Submission Guideline:

By submitting your resume and a one-page cover letter outlining your interest in and suitability for the position to the email address provided below, you should submit your application online.

In the subject line of your email, please provide the name of the post and the vacancy number.


  1. Late applications will not be taken into consideration.
  2. Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted for the next step.

Submission Email:

[email protected]