Deputy Project Manager – Balkh (Northern Region)

The Third Party Monitoring Project’s Deputy Project Manager is a senior core member of staff who will answer to the TPM Project Manager. Working as a senior technical member of the Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) Services Project, in charge of a diversified team of field monitors at provincial offices and Cluster Provincial Team Leaders (in cooperation with the TPM Manager). In the target provinces, the Deputy Project Manager will serve as the primary point of contact for technical TPM Services Project execution and contractual deliverables.


  • Vacancy Number: AR-BLH-009-23
  • Category: Program, Project Management
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Years of Experience: 5
  • Gender: Any
  • Closing Date: 19/04/2023
  • Job Location: Balkh (Northern Region)
  • Type of Employment: Full Time
  • Number of Vacancies: 1
  • Contract Duration: 1 year (Possibility of Extension)
  • Education: Master’s degree

Duties & Responsibilities

  • DPM ensures the timely and efficient deployment of field monitors, stand-by monitors, and quality assurance assistants in provincial offices in accordance with ARADA’s Policies and project documents under the direct supervision of the TPM Project Manager and in coordination with Provincial Team Leaders (PTLs);
  • According to the WFP AO M&E Unit Plan, the Deputy Project Manager (DPM) creates the annual, quarterly, and monthly work plans for TPM Services;
  • creates a field technical and operational strategy in accordance with the TPM standards and plan of the WFP;
  • leads the PTLs in the cluster provinces and districts in daily monitoring plans and offers direction on any gaps or difficulties to ensure that the TPM Services Project is implemented smoothly;
  • ensuring that sufficient resources are allotted or provided in close coordination with the TPM Services Project Manager to carry out the field’s daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring plans;
  • ensuring that the PTLs, field monitors, and provincial personnel follow the rules and regulations set out by ARADA and WFP when executing the TPM Services Programme;
  • ensures that the PTLs, Provincial staff, and field employees adhere to essential instructions issued by the De facto Authority (DFAs);
  • To guarantee the seamless execution of the TPM Services Project, DPM coordinates operational level field operations with DFAs at the national, province, and district levels;
  • gives PTLs guidance or instructions on how to proceed in light of obstacles to guarantee that field activities are carried out on schedule and deliverables are met;
  • DPM will work with the TPM Services Project Manager to ensure seamless execution of the project across the provinces, districts, and target cluster(s);

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  • Under the direct supervision of the TPM Project Manager, the DPM monitors the TPM Services Project’s development in accordance with the WFP’s Area Office M&E strategy and the necessary standards, regulations, and timetable;
  • He or she will advise, direct, or instruct PTLs on critical field decision-making;
  • oversee and guarantee reporting guidelines and systems for quality control;
  • assist the PM in making sure that all ARADA and WFP assets are appropriately tracked and protected;
  • Help the PM monitor staff performance and launch any required capacity-building initiatives.

Reporting and Quality Assurance

  • DPM will guarantee that reports are created in accordance with WFP specifications and to the highest standards of quality control;
  • with the TPM Services Project Manager, create and distribute periodic (weekly, monthly, and quarterly) progress reports;
  • Prepares ad-hoc reports from internal and external sources for ARADA’s high management or WPF-relevant unit;
  • Look for methods to make the TPM Services Project’s reporting and quality assurance benchmarks better;
  • Make sure that the different TPM services project reports are written according to professional report writing standards.

Reporting Line

  • Deputy Project Manager will report directly to ARADA’s TPM Services Project Manager and have effective coordination with WFP Area Office M&E Unit.

Job Requirements

  • Master’s degree in International/ Humanitarian Development, Economics, Business, law, Civil Engineering, Agriculture
  • Strong professional report writing and analytical skills;
  • Must have exuberant and professional communication and coordination skills
  • Good understanding of management decision-making and information needs;
  • Strong understanding of Project Management Cycle and Financial Management Systems;
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Office products;
  • Must be a goal-oriented, highly motivated self-starter with a strong orientation to services improvement;
  • Able to travel to remote areas of Afghanistan;
  • Very good command of English, Pashto, and Dari languages.

Work Experience

  • a minimum of five years of experience in leadership positions, with at least three of those years being in TPM/M&E;
  • familiarity with, and one year of hands-on experience with, the maintenance of MIS databases and the creation of different reports.
  • knowledge of and expertise with M&E-related software (KOBO Toolbox, ODK, SPSS, and MonkeySurvey)
  • Strong preference for project management experience.

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