Dr.in Abubakar Sadiq Clinic, Herat representative

Job Location:Herat
Category:Health Care
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:As per Organizational Salary Scale
Vacancy Number:hr@0054
No. Of Jobs:1
Years of Experience:Job-related work experience of at least three years; The exam exit of the Ministry of Public Health is a condition
Contract Duration:official closing
Education:Having at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of medical medicine and a higher degree in the mentioned field is preferred;
Close date:2023-04-22

About ARCS:

Brief information about the Afghan Red Crescent Society

The Afghan Red Crescent Society, established in 1934, is an independent humanitarian organization recognized by the Afghan government as a charity and impartial to government departments. The Afghan Red Crescent Society plays an important role in providing voluntary services and humanitarian aid. According to the law and constitution, the national population performs its activities in accordance with its seven principles of philanthropy, neutrality, independence, voluntary services, unity, and impartiality. Among other things, the national population is responsible for helping affected communities, providing emergency shelter, and distributing relief items to vulnerable people. Through a network consisting of 7 field zones and 34 representatives in the provinces, the Red Crescent Society has more than 20,000 trained employees and volunteers, in cooperation with national and international organizations at the country level to reduce human alarm during the past decades, the Red Crescent Society The Afghan Red Army has managed to maintain its neutrality and enjoys an acceptance that enables its teams to carry out basic humanitarian operations across the conflict lines, including in large parts of areas controlled by armed opposition groups. It is strengthened by the support of its partners such as the honorable administration – International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC), International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and other partners.

Job Description:

Purpose of the task:

  • Regulating the affairs of health service departments to the level of basic and secondary health clinics of the national population, standard and acceptable health services to ensure the performance of employees under the administration of fixed clinics, financial and administrative issues, and paying more attention to the reproductive health department and female health problems

Job Responsibilities:

  • Arranging the monthly, quarterly, and annual work plans of the relevant directorate in accordance with the general plan of the directorate in order to achieve the set goals.
  • Examination, diagnosis, and treatment of female patients from all departments of the ministry in order to maintain their physical and mental health, especially for the female category.
  • Providing necessary medical advice and recommendations for patients in order to support them psychologically
  • Referral of employees with severe diseases to health centers and specialist doctors outside the ministry if necessary (in order to provide hospital services)
  • Guidance and explanation of the ways to use spices that have been recommended by doctors outside the clinic to ensure the correct and effective use of spices;
  • Implementation of medical first aid for the urgent care of their health in the female section
  • providing health education for ministry employees to promote health awareness; For the female section, give milk and milk
  • Providing professional advice and making decisions regarding the realization of the goals and programs of the Marouta administration;
  • Providing monthly, quarterly, annual, and when necessary reports on the activities and orders of the relevant administration in order to inform the relevant officials.
  • Performing other duties assigned by the competent authorities according to the laws, regulations, and objectives of the relevant institution

Major duties in addition to job responsibilities

  • Providing basic health services for the beneficiaries in the form of basic and secondary health clinics for the female sector
  • Ensuring the regular presence of professional and service employees in the clinic in the female patient department
  • Ensuring the availability of medicine and other medical and non-medical equipment for the clinic
  • Participation in health coordination meetings at the provincial level on behalf of the Afghan Red Crescent Society if invited
  • Taking care and paying attention to the clinic, its equipment, and its employees in a regular and durable manner
  • Creating a suitable working environment
  • And services in the field of providing basic health services to unify professional employees
  • Ensuring the proper implementation of the daily activities of professional and service employees in the clinic
  • Preparing reports of the activities of the relevant departments of Tawheed Clinic and sending them to the field health officer at the appropriate time in a regular and sustainable manner.
  • Implementation of the group and individual health education for daily and permanent beneficiaries

Duties if necessary:

  • Participation in educational workshops at the level of the province and outside the province
  • Participation in special occasions if invited
  • Sharing and cooperation with other health departments in case of urgent health events
  • Setting up regular weekly and monthly meetings with clinic officials
  • Carrying out monthly, quarterly, and annual inventory of the clinic with other officials Responsibilities:
  • Satisfying the beneficiaries
  • Providing high-quality health services
  • Timely reporting of the operation of the clinic and timely requests for spices for the clinic
  • To pay serious attention to the maintenance and repair of the clinic, its equipment, and facilities
  • Being in constant contact with the field health officer and the head of the provincial representation of the Afghan Red Crescent Society.
  • Presenting the necessary plans for the self-sufficiency of health centers and program and project activities of the national population while maintaining the values and principles of the population.
  • Preparation of the annual activity plan of the Health Information Department with its related budget and its implementation.
  • Compliance with the principles and laws governing the activities of health services at the national level.
  • Work and activities within the scope of the authority of the commissioner. In the light of procedures, strategy bills, and codified policies of the office
  • Implementation of affairs in the light of the directives of the leading authorities and the monthly transfer thereof.
  • Compliance with hierarchy.

Employment conditions (level of education and work experience):

  • Having at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of medical medicine and a higher degree in the mentioned field is preferred;
  • At least three years of related work experience;
  • The exit exam of the Ministry of Public Health is a requirement
  • Mastery of one of the official languages (Pashto or Dari) and familiarity (writing and speaking) with the English language;
  • computer skills in task-related applications;

Submission Guideline:

Dear applicants, please refer to the Recruitment Department of Human Resources Afghan Red Crescent Society HQ office Qargha Public Road, Afshar Silo, behind Amiri and Ariana Complex Hospitals mine offices or Herat branch office to submit your application along with your Curriculum Vitae (CV), copy of your academic transcripts, copy of your employment history, copy of your citizenship ID card, and a recent photograph.

Note: Request for a clampdown is not accepted by email or online.

Respected applicants, please apply to the recruitment department of the human resources department, the head office of the Afghan Red Crescent Society, located on the public road of Gargha Afshar Silo, behind Amiri and Ariana Complex hospitals, or visit the Herat representative office. Have a citizenship card and a photo with them.

Note: Application for confirmation of the position is not accepted through email or online.

contact numbers

  •  +93-777-266-860
  • +93-728-900-019

Submission Email:

[email protected]