Eiffel France Scholarship for Masters and Ph.D. in 2023-2024

The French Eiffel Scholarship is a program that is offered every year by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help French institutions and universities to attract top foreign students interested in studying in France for free by offering scholarships for masters and doctoral degrees.

Conditions and registration of the French Eiffel Scholarship in the academic year 2023-2024

  • Name of the scholarship: French Eiffel High Scholarship
  • Country of origin: France
  • Presenting organization: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France
  • University of study: France’s offending universities
  • Degree offered: Master’s degree | Ph.D. degree

Courses offered:

For Science and Technology

  • Biology and Health
  • Ecological Transition
  • Mathematics and Digital
  • Engineering Sciences

For Humanities and Social Sciences

  • History, French language, and civilization
  • Law and political science
  • Economics and management

Scholarship benefits:

  • Monthly payment of 1700 euros to Ph.D. students
  • Monthly payment of 1181 euros to master students
  • Paying for international shipping (from the country of origin to France)
  • Paying for national transportation (within France)
  • Paying for cultural activities and…
  • Paying for housing
  • Insurance

Eligible countries

All countries including Iran and Afghanistan

Documents required for the Eiffel scholarship:

  1. Motivation letter
  2. Translation of the last degree
  3. Translation of transcripts
  4. Proof of French or English language ability
  5. Acceptance letter from the requested university
    6- The maximum age of applicants for a master’s degree is 25 years and for a doctorate is 30 years.


First Step

  • Contact Campus France in your country of origin or the French Embassy’s Cooperation and Cultural Action Department, who can guide you and advise you on your study plans.
  • To learn about the procedures and deadlines for submitting an application, contact the international relations department of a French institution via its website, by e-mail, or by telephone.
  • It’s up to you to choose the school or university that best fits your plans for studying in France.

All French higher education institutions can submit applications.

Second Step

  • The institution accepts and supports your application for the Eiffel scholarship
  • The institution submits your application online via the dedicated Campus France website

Applications sent directly by students or by foreign institutions will be declared ineligible.

Please pay attention to the following points:

  • There is no comprehensive list of higher education institutions, whether universities or high schools, to send documents. Therefore, any of the higher education centers in France can participate in this program and introduce their desired candidate.
  • No file is placed on the website for the candidate to receive, and this responsibility rests with the desired higher education center, which, if the candidate is selected, will send the necessary forms and files to him.
  • It is worth noting that no candidate can directly submit his scholarship application on the Campus France Paris site. Therefore, the candidate must contact the international relations department of the desired center by email or phone in order to send his file and request.
  • Therefore, all these steps from contacting the desired center in France and sending the file to that center, and then receiving the file and completing it and sending it to the desired center, are the responsibility of the student applying for this scholarship.
  • Additional explanations about this program and how to proceed can be seen in the link.


For more information please visit the official website

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