Emile Boutmy Scholarship at Institut Sci-Po France in 2023

The Institute of Political Studies in Paris, France offers the Emile Boutmy Scholarship for foreign students to continue their undergraduate and graduate studies in 2023. The Paris Institute of Political Studies hosts 14 thousand of students, half of whom are foreign students. The duration of this scholarship is 3 years for a bachelor’s degree and 2 years for a master’s degree. Scholarships for different fields of study are offered competitively based on the academic resume and social activities of the individual.

The Institute of Political Studies of Paris commonly referred to as Ciencepo, is a public research and higher education center in the city of Paris. This university includes faculties of political science, history, law, financial knowledge, management, human resource management, communication, marketing, journalism, urban planning, and the environment.

When is the application deadline for this scholarship?

  • Master’s degree: November 30, 2022 / December 9, 1401, the scholarship is repeated annually.
  • Bachelor’s degree: February 22, 2023 / March 3, 1401, the scholarship is repeated annually.

What level of study is the scholarship for?

This scholarship is offered for undergraduate and master’s degrees.

In which fields is the scholarship offered?

The scholarship is provided for studying in different faculties of this university.

  • Faculty of International Affairs
  • Faculty of Public Affairs
  • Faculty of Management and Innovation
  • School of Law
  • City College
  • Doctoral faculty

What will the scholarship cover?

  • Payment of scholarship in the amount of 12,200 euros annually to master’s degree students
  • Payment of scholarships from 3,600 Euros to 13,000 Euros annually to undergraduate students

Students from which countries can apply for this scholarship?

Students from all over the world can apply for this scholarship.

Which country is the place of study of the chosen students of this scholarship?

The Institute of Political Studies in Paris, France is the place of study

What are the requirements to apply for this scholarship?

  • Having a degree in English
  • Be a non-French student.
  • You have not received other French scholarships.
  • The scholarship is competitive and is awarded to people with strong resumes.
  • Providing the certificate and documentation of the need for financial assistance to obtain this scholarship

What are the required documents to apply for this scholarship?

  • Providing transcripts and academic documents
  • Submitting a letter of recommendation
  • Submitting a resume or CV
  • Presentation of motivation letter

How to apply for this scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship, you must first receive admission from this university (for more information about the admission process for the bachelor’s degree, see this link and for the master’s degree, see this link) and then submit your application for the scholarship online on the website of this institution. (this link)

For more information about this scholarship, contact the scholarship admission department through this link or +33 (0)1 45 49 50 82

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