Firefly artificial intelligence tool has been added to Photoshop

Today, Photoshop was equipped with a new artificial intelligence tool, this feature called Generative Fill is actually a part of Firefly artificial intelligence, and with this tool, users can create or edit images, and add or delete objects using text inputs. And expanding the image frame is one of the other things that can be done using this tool.
This feature is available as an experiment and in the beta version of Photoshop for now, only for Creative Cloud users, and eventually all Photoshop users will have access to it.

The cool thing here is that the addition of this tool allows Photoshop users to use natural language text messages to describe the type of image or object they want Firefly to create. As with all artificial intelligence-generating tools, the results can sometimes be somewhat unpredictable. By default, Adobe provides users with three changes per request, although, unlike the Firefly web app, there’s currently no option to iterate over one of these to see similar changes in a given result.

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