How and where can I request a German family reunification visa for Afghanistan?

You can send the visa application for family reunification to the German embassies in Tehran and Islamabad. Applications are reviewed by a non-German service company called “Visametric” in Tehran. How to book an appointment depends on your residence status in Iran and the residence status of your family members in Germany:
Suppose you are in Iran but you do not have Iranian residence and you are in Iran only with a temporary tourist visa and your family in Germany has German citizenship or a valid German residence permit (other than Subsidiärschutz residence). In that case, you can use this link to Make an appointment:

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Live in Iran with legal residence and your family in Germany has German citizenship or valid German residence (other than Subsidiärschutz residence). You can make an appointment through this link:

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If your family has a Subsidiärschutz residence in Germany, you can book an appointment through this link:

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In this case, your residence status in Iran is not important. You can book an appointment in Tehran or Islamabad using the links above.
Important: When booking an appointment, be sure to provide an email address and a phone number that can be easily contacted in the long run.
You need one appointment for each family. You must provide the number of people, names, and passport numbers of all family members who want to apply for a visa. If you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation with an appointment ID about 30 minutes later.
Important: It may take longer to get a specific appointment. The waiting period is currently at least 12 months. Please note: Appointments can also be booked by a third party.

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Sources || All information is taken from the official website please visit the official website for more information its only brief information about how to take your appointment.

You can read more in Dari Language download the PDF file

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