Manager: Legal Affairs by MTN

MTN Afghanistan is a division of the MTN Group having a customer base of over 285 million and operations in 20 countries. In Afghanistan, GSM services are offered by MTN. To fill the open job, we’re searching for skilled individuals with relevant experience (s).


  • Opportunity type: Job
  • Organization: MTN
  • Location: Kabul
  • No of opportunity: 1
  • Reference: MTNA HR 11APRcs
  • Years of Experience: 4 years
  • Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Deadline: Apr 30, 2023

Prepare, examine, and check all leases, legal agreements, and other contracts and document them (using an authorization letter), ensuring that the company’s legal rights are protected.
MTNA’s legal rights will be upheld in all courts and other judicial bodies across the nation.

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • provide legal advice on all of the company’s contracts as well as any other ad hoc issues, taking into account any relevant national laws, international treaties, and MTNA policy.
  • Provide legal advice on telecom regulatory issues (TSF, TDF, spectrum, network radio, tax, licenses, etc.) while taking into account international regional, ITU processes and standards and in compliance with the relevant local laws.
  • defending MTNA’s legitimate rights in all courts of law and other judicial bodies around the nation.
  • all legal, commercial, leasing, and other contracts; writing notes for the company’s records (authorization letters); and ensuring the safety and security of the company’s legal rights.
  • reviewing and verifying all property titles (also known as deeds) necessary for MTNA sites and the locations of occasionally signed leasing contracts, as well as giving comments in accordance with applicable laws of the country.
  • participating in all FDRC meetings, actively representing MTNA, and speaking out for MTNA rights in a professional way with regard to legal and regulatory issues.
  • drafting, examining, and evaluating any legal documents needed for any claim, litigation, or defense relating to MTNA, including lawsuits, defense sheets, and other legal documents.
  • Any legal and business correspondence that the company sends out must be written in both the local language and English and must be addressed to either the government, a private body, or a person.
  • In conjunction with the legal team, file a lawsuit in each court that has jurisdiction.
  • FDRC, the attorney general’s office, the legal department, the police, and any other relevant government departments should monitor the legal matters.
  • delivering written responses to any legal and business correspondence received by the corporation that is sent by public authorities, private businesses, or private people.
  • Assisting in converting written documents from the local language into English for management comprehension and vice versa for people, businesses, and the government.
  • actively taking part in and representing MTNA at any internal and external meetings hosted by MNOs for governmental entities.
  • representing the organization and actively taking part in the CFT (cross-functional team) meeting to assess and keep an eye on prospective suppliers,
  • Giving legal advice based on laws and other legal resources will benefit the legal, government relations, government support, and regulatory team members.
  • To maintain the security of the contracts and other legal and corporate documents, the firm must manage, generate, handle, oversee filing, and achieve all contracts and other legal and corporate documents in both hard copy and electronic form.
  • providing and organizing the necessary team member training
  • giving his or her line manager updates on a regular basis—daily, weekly, and monthly—about their actions and any ad hoc tasks that came up.
  • Any additional relevant tasks given by his or her line manager must be completed in a very precise and timely way.

Job Requirements

  • Education:: Bachelor’s degree in law from a reputable university or Equivalent 
  • Experience:: 4-5 years of relevant experience. The Telecom sector is preferable. 
  • Training:: Legal and Regulatory training 
  • Knowledge:  
    • Afghanistan law
    • Sharia law

How to Apply

You can apply for this job opportunity by Email: [email protected]

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