Oil and gas reserves system design engineer

Job Location:Kabul
Category:Design Engineering
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:According to the salary norms of the relevant department
Vacancy Number:HR/NDC/ACD/01/023
No. Of Jobs:1
Organization:National Development Corporation, National Development Company
Years of Experience:Having at least 5 years of relevant work experience
Contract Duration:One year
Education:Having at least a bachelor’s degree in oil and gas is preferred over a higher degree
Close date:2023-05-16

About National Development Corporation

National Development Company, according to Presidential Decree No. (28) dated 11/15/2018, in order to better integrate and implement national development programs and projects, improve the adaptive capacity of development sectors and accelerate the country’s economic growth, and also better regulate the affairs of enterprises. government was created and modernizing and mechanizing tools and working methods, make the process of development coherent and speed up in the country.

In addition, the objectives of the National Development Company are to adapt and implement as best as possible programs and affairs related to the construction of infrastructures in the sectors of agriculture, water, energy, production, research, exploration, mining, and other sectors.

Enterprises that have changed their legal status to government companies and have been integrated into the framework of the National Development Company are:

  • Masonry construction company

Helmand Construction Company

  • Afghan construction company
  • House building company

Ghori Cement Company

  • Jabal Al Saraj Cement Company

Metals company

  • Center Freight Company

Job Description:

Arranging the work plan and reporting to the office on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis;
Design, estimation, and preparation of documents for the restoration plans of the reservoirs and their loading and unloading system;
Preparation of design report step by step;
Adaptation of national and international standards or standards of similar countries;
Use of contemporary technology and selection of appropriate equipment for the design and design of reserves;
Providing plans and proposals if needed by the department;
technical analysis and pathology of oil reserves;
creating group work with the work team in the workplace;
Technical consultation with the technician department and reserve maintenance and care personnel;
Implementation of other duties, keeping in mind the hierarchy according to the competencies and responsibilities within the framework of the law.

Job Requirements:

Education degree: having at least a bachelor’s degree in oil and gas, a higher education degree is preferred;
Having the ability to design and restore oil and gas reserves;
familiarity with the working of the chemical system;
Familiarity with the metal parts of the reserves system;
Having at least 5 years of work experience related to the task;
Proficiency in national languages (Dari and Pashto) and familiarity with (writing and speaking) English;
Having computer skills in applications related to the task.

Submission Guideline:

Guidelines for submitting documents:

Eligible interested parties open the link of the online recruitment form and pay close attention to the instructions of the relevant form;

Complete the request that is made through the online form within the specified time and your request will not be accepted after the end of the notification;


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