Electrical Technician

Job Location:Nimruz
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:30000-50000 AFN
Vacancy Number:ABCC/2023/001
No. Of Jobs:1
Organization:Asia Bana Construction company
Years of Experience:5 years
Contract Duration:End of Project
Close date:2023-06-15

About Asia Bana Construction Company:

One of the top construction companies in Afghanistan, Asia Bana Construction has years of experience in the hydropower industry and a wide range of civil engineering specialties. The second and third stages of the Kamal Khan Flood Control Project are among the landmark infrastructure projects in Afghanistan that Asia Bana Construction has successfully completed.

The continuous and long-term ties that Asia Bana has with its clients, consumers, and consultants are valued. The main consultants and suppliers for our projects are AF-Consult (Sweden-India), MECAMEDI Hydropower, and CBM India. They offer services in civil design, hydro-mechanical design, electro-mechanical design, fabrication of HM Gates, Turbines, and powerhouse EM parts, as well as practical inspection during erection.

One of the team’s greatest assets and what sets Asia Bana Construction apart from other Afghan companies is the carefully chosen specialists that make up this group.

Asia Bana, a reputable company with years of expertise in Afghanistan’s most demanding and competitive environments, administers all aspects of consultancy and engineering projects, from design to implementation on the job site to result in evaluation and acquisition. Asia Bana is the only company with this potential, and it is used for the third phase of the Kamal Khan Dam. The collaboration with international partners based in India, France, Germany, and other European countries, along with the Ministry of Energy and Water, provides a solid platform to handle a mega project from its design to implementation.

Job Description:

  • All crane inverters (including those for E.O.T. cranes and monorail hoist cranes) are programmed and configured.
  • Crane maintenance and repair.
  • the turning on and running of the electrical apparatus.
  • material cost estimation for the necessary electrical work
  • putting together, assessing, testing, and maintaining apparatus, appliances, and wiring that are electrical or electronic.
  • identifying and fixing equipment, appliances, and device problems.
  • employing hand tools and specs to build and fabricate things.
  • reading and comprehending schematics, diagrams, and designs for electrical and electronic circuits.
  • advising management to keep using inappropriate tools, gadgets, and machinery.
  • controlling an electrician.
  • placing an order for electrical supplies and tools

Job Requirements:

  • 5-year degree in electrical, technological, or a related field.
  • completion of an apprenticeship in electrical work.
  • five or more years of electrical technician experience.
  • Excellent ability to solve problems.
  • a good ability to communicate.
  • working knowledge of power and hand tools, soldering techniques, and fault-testing instruments.

Submission Guideline:

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