Financing Officer – OXUS Afghanistan

The OXUS Afghanistan Corporation, a network of microfinance banks located in Paris, was established in 2007. It is registered with the General Directorate of Central Registration and Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Commerce under the License number (I-10996). OXUS Holding, the organization’s largest stakeholder, has invested stock in OAF since the beginning and has provided grants and concessional financing through the Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA).

OXUS has affiliates in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in addition to Afghanistan. OAF has 24 branches spread throughout 10 provinces. As of December 31, 2022, OAF has a portfolio of AFN 584 million and had 14,113 active clients.


  • Opportunity type: job
  • Organization: OXUS Afghanistan
  • Gender: Male
  • Availability: Badakhshan, Afghanistan
  • Reference: FO/Baharak-FD/2023
  • Years of Experience: 3 years
  • Deadline: 12 May 2023

processing financing applications and supporting documents within restrictions to determine credit eligibility. Interviewing candidates to assess their financial suitability and the likelihood of receiving funding for the client. calculating all pertinent ratios and KPIs, and establishing debt repayment schedules.

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assures that all forms are correctly filled out by the clients, paying close attention to how accurately each customer understands and completes the Company Profile;
  • Conducts a financing assessment by gathering comprehensive data (personal, commercial, and guaranties);
  • Does due investigation on all prospective clients to make sure that their enterprise
  • plans, guarantees, and financing amount and period are appropriate for them and are practical;
  • Offers his opinion during meetings of the financing committee to determine which projects will receive funding;
  • Views the contract being signed and carefully reads it, paying particular attention to the penalty clause;
  • Establishes his clients’ financing accounts and maintains close contact with them;
  • Grows his clientele by promoting and offering personal loans (only

Job Requirements

  • At least Bachelor’s degree
  • Prior experience in MFIs and Banks as Financing Officer
  • Basic spoken and written English and strong negotiating and communication skills.

How to Apply

The application, which should include an up-to-date CV and a one-page cover letter outlining your interest in and suitability for the position, should be sent via email before the deadline to the provided email address (clearly indicating on the subject line the title of the position and Vacancy Announcement Number):

[email protected]

Submission Email

[email protected]

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