Job as a Guard

Job Location:Based on Organization’s salary scale
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:Based on Organization salary scale
Vacancy Number:HI-2023-0038
No. Of Jobs:1
Organization:Handicap International
Years of Experience:Minimum 2 years experience working in relevant field.
Contract Duration:7 months with an extension possibility
Education:High school diploma
Close date:2023-04-09

About Handicap International:

Since its activities began in Pakistan in 1987, HI has been aiding the Afghan people. Working at various levels of society and using a cross-sectoral strategy, HI has been functioning in Afghanistan since 1996 to implement victim support activities. While actively supporting conflict victims on the ground with a variety of programs, such as physical rehabilitation, mine risk education, and inclusive livelihoods, HI has also consistently fought for more rights for victims and other people with disabilities in the nation. In particular, and in keeping with its worldwide strategy and aims, HI has pushed for a decrease in the use of conventional weapons and landmines. Recognizing the need to address both immediate emergency crises and longer-term, chronic gaps in the provision of services, HI has steadily increased the scope of its activities and services to support the most vulnerable individuals, fostering their resilience while enhancing the participation and inclusion of all people.

Job Description:

Responsible to inspect movement to, from, and within the office:

  • To verify each entrance and departure from the compound
  • Check the guests’ identities and purposes for coming before opening the doors, and determine the area’s safety by opening the single door.
  • To prevent anybody or anything from entering the compound outside of HI without permission.
  • Never let a non-HI guest alone in the complex; always be with them
  • To guarantee that all non-HI visitors have appointments, and are carrying ID cards, and
  • to provide each non-HI guest a “visitor card” that they must wear and register in the entrance logbook.
  • to obtain the visor card once the guests go

Responsible to ensure that the compound is secure

  • Verify that all outside doors are shut.
  • Always keep an eye out for any unusual activity or people, both inside and outside of the office.
  • to protect any property kept in the building
  • must take care of the compound and see that it, along with its contents, remain secure.
  • Gather information and provide it to the line manager.

Responsible to operate the generator

  • When there is no electricity in the city, turn on and off the generator.
  • Check the generator’s fuel, oil, water, and fuse levels before starting it.
  • whenever the generator needs fuel, to refuel it. Fuel should always be filtered.
  • while adding fuel, to complete the generator logbook
  • Cut the fuse before turning off the generator.
  • Turn off the generator after work hours when no one is in the office.

Responsible to keep the external compound clean and tidy

  • to regularly maintain the compound’s cleanliness.
  • To leave the working space nice and clean at the end of the shift, including the guard booth and restroom.
  • Clean the floor and keep the garden free of trash.
  • Clear the snow from the compound’s entrance and walkways throughout the winter.

Responsible to look after working equipment

  • must maintain all the tools and resources at their disposal (heaters, commodes, washers, boilers, gasoline lights, electric lights, etc.)

Other specific tasks

The guard may be requested to complete extra duties by his line manager depending on the demands of the job.

Job Requirements:

Knowledge required


  1. Security
  2. Radio communication
  3. Local language
  4. Local context

Skills required







  1. Exploration
  2. Adaptability
  3. Creativity

Submission Guideline:

Please send your CV and Cover letter to:  [email protected]

You are requested to copy and paste below as your subject of the application email:

Guard /HI-2023-0038

  • Notification: Email subject lines that do not include the position title and opening number will not be read.
  • Ladies & Disabled Applicants are Especially Encouraged to Apply
  • HI takes a firm stance on beneficiary protection.

“The Guard will have to establish and uphold a climate that forbids sexual exploitation and abuse and encourages adherence to the code of conduct.”

Submission Email:

[email protected]

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