Health Promotion Supervisor

Job Location:As per the organization’s salary scale
Category:Health Care
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:As per organization salary scale
Vacancy Number:Medair_UZG_AFG43
No. Of Jobs:1
City:(based in Tarin Kot, with travel to districts)
Years of Experience:1-5 years of experience in the same field/ position required
Contract Duration:31-December-2023
Education:Diploma/ certificate of nursing or midwifery or equivalent medical training. Good written and oral English skills.
Close date:2023-05-20


A worldwide humanitarian organization called Medair was founded in 1988. Since 1996, Medair has been conducting operations in Afghanistan with a focus on initiatives in the areas of health, water & sanitation, and livelihoods as well as considerable rehabilitation efforts in outlying regions. Water and sanitation, food security, and disaster risk reduction are the current initiatives.

Medair seeks to address the severe levels of food insecurity, malnutrition, and disease in the Tirinkot district. In order to enhance results for disadvantaged families, the initiative aims to expand and improve WASH services, including water supply infrastructure and hygiene practices.

In Uruzgan, which has been severely impacted by drought and war circumstances, Medair seeks to address the high rates of food insecurity, malnutrition, and illness. Building on Medair’s decades of experience in the Central Highlands and Kandahar, the project aims to increase access to clean water, decrease vulnerability to water-related and other preventable diseases, and improve and increase food security for the most vulnerable families through the distribution of food vouchers. It also aims to improve and extend the utilization of lifesaving preventive and curative nutrition and health services by mothers, PLWs, and children U5.

Job Description:

Overall purpose

to direct and oversee a group of health promotion trainers and leaders while demonstrating a dedication to providing practical and caring assistance to the most disadvantaged areas. The Health Promotion Supervisor’s duties will include managing CHNVs, managing hygiene kits and educational materials distribution, participating in baseline and end-line surveys as necessary, and ensuring that quality health promotion activities are carried out at the community level in Uruzgan Province in accordance with the established technical guidelines and protocols. Control and direction of CHNVs in each district, including the choice and direction of neighborhood volunteers

Specific responsibilities

Give cultural and linguistic feedback on the HP training materials that the pertinent advisers and PMs have prepared or modified. Delivery of these materials, process training for them, coordination of printing, and distribution to HP employees and recipients.

Teach and mentor HP trainers and leaders on how to conduct engaging lessons for HP volunteers on bettering home behaviors while providing instruction on the HP lesson topic.

Give recipients, volunteers, and promoters enlightening feedback. Organize frequent gatherings of community stakeholders and leaders. Observe how people are accepted in the community.

Attend surveys and other monitoring and assessment events.

As needed, submit precise health promotion data, papers, and reports. oversee the entry of data for health promotion into a variety of gadgets, such as tablets (ONA), tally sheets, etc.

Coach, supervise, and evaluate CHNVs and trainers in health promotion.

assist the PM in supporting your participation in hiring choices.

Manage and plan the provision of aid to recipients, including instructional materials and hygiene supplies.

Plan and oversee the budget for health promotion, including setting up financial rewards for volunteers and local authorities.

All CHNVs are managed and trained at the local level.

If necessary, aid in the training of MHNT employees in IMNCI and IMAM.

General Responsibilities

  • To uphold Medair values and to contribute to the well-being of the team as an active member.
  • To adhere strictly to Medair National Staff Regulations.
  • To adhere strictly to Medair Security Plan and the operating procedures relevant to this role.
  • To conduct all Medair activities honestly and to report any issues to the line manager or a member of the Medair management team
  • To be flexible and willing to assist in other areas of work as requested by the line manager
  • Help ensure the safety of the staff in the field and inform the line manager or Manager of any development related to security in the field

Main Activities

Providing Training

  • To encourage comprehension of health promotion issues and the adoption of healthier behaviors, provide high-quality participation training utilizing adult learning techniques.
  • As an example to the neighborhood, adopt these behaviors in your own home.
  • Ascertain that instructors for health promotion lessons are familiar with the subject matter and skilled at motivating volunteers and promoters.
  • By giving coaching-style comments, increase the training capacity of instructors, promoters, and volunteers.
  • On-time preparation and distribution of supporting Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials are essential.

Community Acceptance:

  • Coordinate and communicate with neighborhood groups to find Care Groups (CGs), and assist health promotion trainers in choosing the best volunteers and promoters.
  • Coordinate program activities proactively with local community leaders and stakeholders, and communicate with local communities when there are difficult conditions or issues. Inform the PM, security, or any appropriate Medair employees of any problems with community cooperation or acceptance.
  • According to Medair rules and procedures, respond to AAP criticism properly.

Data / Program Quality

  • In order to guarantee that promoters can gather data accurately, the person in charge of data collecting must also teach and oversee trainers.
  • In order to assure data quality, it is your responsibility to check data put into databases before it is shared with other project workers.
  • accountable for promptly printing and assembling tally sheets.
  • When necessary, ask for, plan, and oversee the delivery of financial incentives, hygiene kits, and/or other incentives to volunteers and health promoters.
  • Conduct quality evaluations and follow-up visits in accordance with instructions.

Job Requirements:


Education Background

  • Diploma or certificate in health education or nursing
  • Medical or health-related experience and training

Relevant experience

  • Have at least 3 years of experience in teaching
  • Experience with NGOs
  • Familiar with the project areas
  • Able to follow instructions, and prioritize tasks assigned
  • Experience with adult education methods and health promotion


  • Fluency in written and spoken Pashto
  • Excellent spoken English
  • Good written English


  • Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)


  • Enthusiastic to work for an international NGO, to assist vulnerable communities in Southern Afghanistan
  • Willing to learn new things and be trained further


  • Experience working in a team.
  • Clear communicator with colleagues and communities, willing to share information


  • being open to making repeated trips to project locations in remote areas.
  • a capacity for pressured labor

technical proficiency

  • knowledge of adult learning techniques and health promotion strategies
  • Willingness to study and use health promotion programs

Leadership and Management

  • the capacity to properly explain duties
  • being constructive when providing promoters and volunteers with feedback.
  • an attitude of respect and patience

Submission Guideline:

Interested applicants should apply and forward their applications through the online JOB APPLICATION FORM which could be found under the submission email. The link should be copied, pasted, and opened on a new page.

Note: Please indicate the position title and vacancy number in your application letter. Applications received after the closing date or without the exact position title and vacancy number will not be given consideration. After submitting the online application, if some applicants do not immediately receive an automatic email from Medair, they shouldn’t worry about their submission.

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