Milan Fashion and Fashion Institute scholarship, without language certificate, required, 2022-2023

Every year, the Milan Institute of Fashion and Fashion offers a number of scholarships for Italian and international students interested in studying art, fashion, and fashion, which are as follows.

Conditions of registration for Milan Fashion and Fashion Institute scholarship

  • Scholarship Name: Italian Fashion Scholarship
  • Scholarship provider country: Italy
  • University of study: Milan Fashion Institute
  • Degree offered: Master’s degree

Filed of Study

  • product management
  • business management
  • management and communication
  • management and lifestyle

Scholarship benefits

Payment of 8,250 euros as a scholarship

Required Documents :

  • Presentation of bachelor’s degree and transcripts
  • Intermediate or higher English proficiency
  • Complete the registration form
  • Passport
  • CV
  • motivation letter

Having a language certificate is not required for this institution, but one of the documents required by the Italian Embassy to issue a visa is a language certificate.

Selection Process

The selection process is open from 14 February 2022, to 30 November 2022, for the Masters in Fashion Direction. After receiving this Application Form, Milano Fashion Institute carries out a pre-selection according to the sent documents. Subsequently, the Academic Committee will inform you if the Application is suitable / or not. If eligible, Applicants must attend an oral interview with the Academic Committee, after which the final result (admission or nonadmission) will be communicated.
Distance interviews are accepted for international students.
The process usually requires a period of 3 to 6 weeks. We, therefore, invite the candidates to submit their applications as soon as possible.

The interview is conducted by the Academic Committee and allows the candidate to express his/her motivation, competencies, knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
Distance interviews are available for international students.

Selections results
At the end of the selection process, a written statement will be sent to applicants with reference to the results of their Admission request. The outcome will be alternatively admission or non-admission of the application. The selection will take into account not only the profile of the candidate but also the composition of the class, in order to reflect the diversity of educational backgrounds needed in the Master’s. If the candidate is eligible for admission, but places available are already fully confirmed, the Milano Fashion Institute reserves the right to place such candidates on the waiting list for the next edition.
The results of the selection interviews are normally communicated within 10 working days from the date of the interview with the Academic Committee.


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