Petroleum sector

Job Location:Balkh
Category:Human Resources
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:Based on company criteria
Vacancy Number:BNG‪-‬SM-001
No. Of Jobs:1
City:Haraytan town
Organization:Bashir Navid Group
Years of Experience:At least 3 years
Contract Duration:
Education:Bachelor of Business Administration Economics
Close date:2023-05-13

About Bashir Navid Group

Bashir Navid Group was established in order to provide services to citizens, create employment opportunities and participate in the economic growth and development of the country. This company is active in the fields of production and supply of food, construction materials, production and supply of health materials and services, and export of agricultural materials and products. By employing more than 1000 people in this country directly and about 10000 people indirectly, Bashir Navid Group has provided employment.

Job Description:

  • During the process of importing petroleum products in the port and customs of Harayatan
  • Examination of documents and declarations and customs tariffs of the petroleum sector
  • During the process of documenting petroleum products in the relevant government offices in Haraytan and conducting laboratory tests of imported petroleum products
  • Surrendering imported petroleum products, unloading them in designated storage areas and locations, loading materials, and sending them to designated addresses.
  • Gathering information from the oil market, analyzing and analyzing the market, and presenting the results to the relevant authorities
  • Preparing a daily report of the activities carried out and presenting it to the relevant commander
  • Performing other legal duties assigned by the relevant commander

Job Requirements:

Education: Bachelor’s degree in business management or economics

EXCEL Familiarity with computer: complete familiarity with office programs and specifically with the program


Communication skills
Skill during document procedures and recognition of government departments
Negotiation and decision-making skills
Market analysis skills


At least 3 years of experience in the field of petroleum products
language skill:

Proficiency in Dari and Pashto languages is essential, and familiarity with Uzbek or Russian is an advantage

Submission Guideline:

[email protected] Qualified applicants should send their resumes to the email address (Subject Line). Write the employment notification number in the subject of the email.

Submission Email:

[email protected]