Project Assistant (consultant)

Job Location:Based on GC Salary Scale
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:Based on GC salary Scale
Vacancy Number:AFG-2023-043
No. Of Jobs:1
Organization:Geneva Call
Years of Experience:Completed Degree in law or relevant field;
Contract Duration:six month
Education:Completed Degree of in law or relevant field;
Close date:Completed Degree in law or relevant field;

About Geneva Call:

In armed wars and other violent situations, Geneva Call is a non-governmental organization that promotes adherence to international humanitarian standards. The goal of the Geneva Call is to guarantee that armed groups and de facto rulers in conflict zones uphold fundamental humanitarian principles and international humanitarian law.

The members of the Geneva Call represent a wide range of cultures, languages, and nations. All of the employees at Geneva Call enjoy a welcoming workplace. Application submissions are especially welcomed from all competent applicants, without differences based on race, color, sex, country of origin, age, religion, handicap, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Job Description:


Under the supervision of the Project Officer, the Project assistant contributes to the operations of Geneva Call in focused provinces by supporting PO in the implementation and management of humanitarian engagement-related project(s) according to the program plans, internal procedures, and guidelines as well as donor requirements and security constraints. It is a national position.


Planning, Coordination & Reporting 

  • Provide a narrative report on the GC activities (training, workshops, forums) that took place in the province;
  • Provide a report detailing all project costs, financing availability, and supporting documentation;
  • help the project officer ensure that the project is implemented and monitored in compliance with the Geneva Call and the work schedule, budget, and donor policies;
  • oversee the storage of knowledge and information, including the organization of program materials and papers;
  • Raise a purchase request (PR) for the province’s events, discuss it with the Kabul team, and follow up on it;
  • Make sure that financial records are safely transferred to the Kabul office;
  • Upload all activity reports to Sysel Share and Kobo;
  • assemble meeting notes, field report summaries, and risk evaluations;
  • Provide a space for the General Assembly’s training, workshops, and consultations;
  • whatever additional duty the Project officer assigns.

Communications & External relations 

  • Provide material (photos, videos, stories from the field) about the project and timely reports to showcase project outcomes and achievements;
  • Support implementation of communications strategy including activities, campaigns, events, and other initiatives.


  • Engage regularly with regional authorities, communities, and organizations in cooperation with the project officer;
  • Help PO engage high authorities and other important stakeholders at the province level;
  • Provide assistance setting up meetings, creating talking points, and crafting communications for the GC top management.

Other Duties 

  • Attend and represent Geneva Call as required at conferences, seminars, and other forums of interest to the organization. Under the supervision of the project officer, the Project Assistant contributes to the operations of Geneva Call in Afghanistan by assisting the PO in the implementation of the project(s) according to the program plans, internal procedures, and guidelines as well as donor requirements and security constraints. It is a national position.

Job Requirements:

Main qualifications

Education and experience

  • a degree in law or a related area that has been earned;
  • at least 4 years of experience working in the province and districts for an organization that promotes or protects human rights;
  • experience in advocacy, including the ability to operate impartially and objectively while establishing professional connections with a variety of stakeholders, including armed actors;
  • International organization experience is desirable;
  • familiar with humanitarian standards and ideals, and an engagement guru;
  • exemplary stakeholder management
  • training and education sessions;
  • An advantage is knowing Islamic law.

Technical skills

  • IT tools (Excel, MS Office, and email);
  • knowledge of reporting, observing, and researching;
  • a demonstrated ability for in-depth analysis as well as awareness of humanitarian concerns and context.


  • Required: Pashto, Dari, and English. 

Personal skills

  • having an understanding of and respecting the organization’s values, mission, and confidentiality;
  • a strong sense of structure and logic, adaptation to change, and flexibility;
  • taking responsibility, being proactive and effective, and having great communication abilities;
  • the capacity to collaborate in a multicultural and team context;
  • accuracy and dependability, as well as the capacity to achieve deadlines under stress.

Performance management

The employee will be accountable for the responsibilities and the competencies, in accordance with the GC Performance Management p. The following documents will be used for performance reviews:

  • Its job description
  • The individual’s work- and career-development plan
  • This Competence Framework

Conflict of interest

Any candidate affiliated to, or openly supporting, one or more interest groups opposed to the Foundation’s principles and values, or whose previous position could engender safety issues for co-workers at Appel de Genève / Geneva Call, will be excluded from this selection process.


  • Position: Consultant Project Assistant
  • Contract Type: Consulting Agreement (National position)
  • 100% activity rate
  • Afghan city of Bamyan, where you work
  • Start date preferred: as soon as feasible

Submission Guideline:

Submission Email:

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