Skoltech Russia Full Fund Scholarship for 2023-2024

The Skoltech Institute of Science and Technology of Russia, which was established in cooperation with MIT University, has accepted students interested in studying for free in Russia through scholarships. This scholarship is for masters and doctoral degrees in the fields of science and technology, which is presented as follows.


  • Opportunity type: Fully Funded
  • Opportunity: Scholarship
  • Location: Russia
  • Availability: International
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Scholarship name: Skoltech scholarship
  • Supplier country: Russia
  • Presenting University: Skoltech Institute of Science and Technology, Russia
  • Accepted educational level: Master’s degree | Ph.D. degree
  • Deadline:
    • Master’s degree: 04/19/1402 ( 10. July.2023 )
    • Ph.D. degree: 04/12/1402 ( 03. July.2023 )

Courses accepted in the master’s degree:

  1. Mathematics and Computer Science
  2. Petroleum Engineering
  3. Applied Mathematics and Physics
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Information Systems and Technologies
  6. Electricity and Electrical Engineering
  7. Materials Science and Engineering
  8. Information Technology and Engineering

Fields accepted in the doctoral degree:

  1. Mathematics and Mechanics
  2. Physics
  3. Materials Science and Engineering
  4. Life Sciences
  5. Computational and Data Science and Engineering
  6. Engineering Systems
  7. Petroleum Engineering

Accepted countries: students from all countries, including Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

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Scholarship benefits

  • Exempted from full payment of university tuition
  • Payment of study fees according to the course and field of at least 40,000 Russian rubles per month
  • Insurance

The number of scholarships: The number of Skoltech scholarships is more than 300 scholarships for master’s degrees and more than 100 scholarships for doctoral degrees.

Requirements for registration:

  • A valid bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is required for the master’s degree.
  • For the doctoral degree, it is necessary to have a valid master’s degree or its equivalent.
  • Students in the last semester of the bachelor’s degree and the last semester of the master’s degree can also register.
  • Applicants must have mastery of mathematics, technical sciences, applied sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, and related fields.
  • Applicants for humanities and social sciences must have complete knowledge of the above fields.
  • Skoltech Institute focuses on attracting talented students, so the applicant must have the minimum required score in each field.

Required Documents:

  • Translation of the last academic degree with transcripts
  • Complete the online registration form
  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • motivation letter
  • Research proposal for PhD
  • TOEFL and IELTS test documents, if any (if you do not have a language certificate at the time of registration, you can provide it after registration)

5 reasons to apply to Skoltech:

  1. Enjoy courses and supervision under world-renowned scientists and engineers.
  2. Find significant freedom in choosing courses; design an individual study plan that allows you to obtain a modern education with a broad interdisciplinary component. Check out the possibility to choose between fundamental and applied profiles within the program.
  3. Experience an open dynamic international environment that brings together hundreds of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs with serious ambitions. Students and professors from more than 25 countries study and teach at Skoltech. English is our language of instruction and official business.
  4. Discover opportunities to visit world-leading universities and international conferences. More than 1/3 of our students have spent or will spend a semester at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other top universities.
  5. Explore the integration of research, education, and innovation. Discover a culture of supporting students’ startups.

How to Apply

Apply Now

For more inforemation please visit ther offical website