Senior Transmission TX O&M Engineer (Microwave) – AFTEL

Afghan Telecom was established on September 13, 2005, as a complementary telecommunication company. Afghan Telecom has become the only company that provides GSM/3G Salam mobile services, fiber optic services, Lindar digital phone services, DSL Internet services, Wicoms Internet services, Dial-Up Internet services, and VCN services in the country. Is. In addition, Afghan Telecom is the only telecommunication company that provides the telecommunications network of all government departments, including all ministries and other government offices, which includes voice communication services, internet and video conference facilities for these departments, and the telecommunications activity of Afghan Telecom Company It has also been approved by the Ministry of Communications of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Afghan Telecom has covered 155 small and big cities and 34 provinces of the country and will soon cover all 355 districts of the country.


  • Opportunity type: job
  • Location: Multi-city
  • Organization: AFTEL
  • No of opportunity: 5
  • Reference: SEng-002
  • Years of Experience: 1 – 2 years
  • Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Deadline: 5 April.2023

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Preparing and arranging monthly, quarterly and annual plans in accordance with the general plan to achieve the set goals.
  • Preparing and organizing regular reports about the performance of the transmission network.
  • Monitoring and technical control of the transmission network (microwave).
  • Configuration in different types of transmission equipment (microwave).
  • Installation and assembly of microwave links and other transmission equipment.
  • Supervised and coordinated the preparation of various functions/information related to the operation and maintenance of the transmission network.
  • Ensuring the appropriateness and correctness of reports and maintaining and controlling them in accordance with telecommunication technical rules and regulations.
  • Establishing coordination and cooperation with relevant departments in solving problems and activating new sites.
  • Implementation of technical affairs of transmission projects with full responsibility to complete all the specified goals.
  • Performing other tasks that are directed by the direct manager

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Job Requirements

  • Education: At least having a degree in one of the fields of telecommunication engineering and information technology, or electronic engineering.
  • Experiences: Having at least 2 years of relevant work experience for a bachelor’s degree

Other skills:

  1. Mastery of languages (Pashto, Dari, and English) and familiarity with written and spoken languages.
  2. Computer skills such as (Word, Excel, Access) and other technical software related to transmission and telecommunication programs.
  3. Complete familiarity with design and how GSM and Transmission networks work.
  4. Excellent skills in teamwork and comprehensive cooperation with colleagues.
  5. Familiarity with the software of microwave links and their NMS system.

How to Apply

Applicants can send their cv or cover letter to [email protected] by mentioning the job number (SEng-002) and job title in the email subject. Applicants who submit their application after

The date of notification of the closing is sent or they do not complete the conditions of this closing

They do not include the written exam and interview process.

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