Technical Delivery

The MTN Group’s subsidiary firm, MTN Afghanistan, has over 280 million subscribers and operates in 21 countries. In Afghanistan, GSM services are offered by MTN. To fill the open position(s), we are searching for skilled and experienced individuals.


  • Closing Date: May 25, 2023
  • Reference: MTNA-HR-04-May-23is
  • Number of Vacancies: 1
  • Salary Range: As per the company salary scale
  • Years of Experience: 10 years
  • Probation Period: 3 month
  • Contract Duration: Not specified
  • Contract Extensible: Yes
  • Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Work Type: Full Time
  • Gender: Any

About the Job

  • Under the direction of the Senior Manager for IT Products and Services
  • Collaborate closely with the business team to develop a solution in response to the needs obtained and the URS document.
  • Consistent gap analyses of use cases and capabilities based on the Service catalog compared to what is already being utilized to find growth possibilities.
  • Ensure that demand requests are sent properly through the Service Request (MS), Enablement Request, or Demand Management processes.
  • Conducting analyses of new efficiency integration and deployment requirements
  • Working with departments and development teams, as well as taking user comments into consideration.
  • Ensuring that new needs are innovated and implemented to satisfy business requirements
  • Assure that new needs and services may only be introduced if quality controls are built for them.
  • responsible for the requests’ technical outcome
  • Managing suppliers and assessing them in accordance with the KPI and SLA established.
  • Assuring the timely and cost-effective delivery of new requirements and services
  • Skilled at handling the most challenging requirements from cutting-edge software tools and technologies, solid database ideas, and designing methodologies.
  • Develop and put in place training procedures and plans for all technical staff.
  • Schedule frequent meetings with the technical team to assess progress and discuss any issues relating to incoming requests and projects.
  • Select and specify the staff members’ roles, responsibilities, and clear deliverables as needed for particular projects or initiatives.
  • Assign and monitor the daily responsibilities of technical staff while ensuring that every employee is actively pursuing the set goals.
  • Head of Support for Mobile Money

Duties & Responsibilities

  • In charge of the administration and leadership of Technology Development, including training, coaching, mentoring, and leading of teams, especially technical team leaders and technical specialists, to foster a culture of service delivery innovation.
  • To assist the Technology Development Strategy in achieving the aims and objectives of the company and to raise the standard of service provided both internally and outside.
  • Establish and promote a professional culture within the team where people take responsibility and concentrate on providing excellence, quality, and value for the client and the company.
  • Ongoing, ongoing, and permanent primary control improvements.
  • In charge of the technological development and application of new demand solutions
  • Collaborating across IT with the many departments that are engaged to assist the execution of significant improvements and change projects as well as the delivery of technical solutions.
  • Establish and promote a professional culture within the team where people take responsibility and concentrate on providing excellence, quality, and value for the client and the company.
  • Monitor the performance of the delivery team, provide them a forum to discuss daily goals and successes, and make sure they understand what excellence in delivery entails and why it matters to the customer.
  • Manages performance, which includes coaching, evaluating the impact of resources, awarding, and punishing.
  • Recognizes and builds on the capabilities of team members, in alignment with capability requirements, leading to outstanding delivery results.
  • Take the initiative and assist company growth initiatives, such as prospecting, developing proposals, and other pursuing operations.
  • Assure adherence to the standards, procedures, and principles of project management.
  • Create job descriptions and IPF for every employee, then provide them to the senior manager.
  • Thought leadership to generate suggestions for proactive pitches and solutions that address customers’ concerns
  • Participate in the Feasibility study and oversee UAT sessions to aid in the deployment of new products and services.

Job Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer sciences
  • 4 years of experience managing demands and working in the fintech sector
  • Administration of Business Master’s Degree
  • Over 10 years experience in Telecom with over 3 years experience in demands management and project delivery


  •  Mobile Money 
  •  GSMA 
  •  AMY
  •  People management 
  •  Project management  
  •  Database
  •  Charging System
  •  Demands management

Submission Email

[email protected]