The public entrance exam for the 12th-grade graduates of 34 provinces ended with the last exam in Kabul province

In this exam, more than 130,000 candidates competed for various fields of government educational institutions.

This year, the public entrance exam was organized in 3 rounds, the first round of which was conducted in 33 provinces of the country as a nationwide exam.

In the history of Konkur, it was the first time that the National Examinations Office was able to take the exam of 33 provinces in the country at the same time. With serious and preventive measures, the National Examinations Administration managed all the relevant coordination with the relevant departments and technical processes in a good way.

The exam registration cards were already sent to the education departments of all provinces and distributed to the candidates by the schools of the country. The human capacity in the biometric information registration department increased, and with the cooperation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, biometric kits were increased. All answer sheets, question booklets, and candidates’ attendance were regularly printed and sealed in boxes, which were transferred to the respective provinces with the board of examiners under the supervision of the security officials.

The process of registering candidates’ biometric information, which plays the most effective role in preventing unauthorized persons from entering the exam hall, was well implemented throughout the country, and biometric technical teams were sent to all areas before the exam. He had taken the exam form and was registered in the system.

In the first round of the exam, which was organized in 33 provinces, the biometric information registration process started on 11 May 1401, and during 3 days, about 90 thousand candidates registered their information. The first round of exams started on the 14th and ended on the 16th.

In the second round exam, all high schools of education in Kabul city included that the process of registering their biometric information was completed before the provincial exam on the 6th and 7th of the month, and the exam was held on the 21st of the month in two times, in which about 29 thousand candidates took part. they had.

And in the last round of the public entrance examination, which was held on the 29th of Mizan, about 6,700 candidates from the schools of the districts, various schools, and those absent from the central and provincial examinations took part in it.

In order for more young people to participate in the process, the National Examinations Office distributed the registration form by the last deadline in the National Examinations Office, unlike in previous years, and tried to include all young people who want higher education in the exam.

The leadership of the National Examinations Administration traveled to different provinces of the country to supervise the public entrance examination and supervised the examination seriously.

It should be mentioned that the special exam of Chardeh Pasan, religious schools, and evening lectures will be taken later.

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