The monthly acceptance of 1000 Afghan immigrants by the German government

The monthly acceptance of 1000 Afghan immigrants by the German government through the granting of humanitarian visas

The monthly intake of 1,000 Afghan refugees by the German government through the granting of humanitarian visas is the latest program in Germany to accept Afghan immigrants. According to the agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Germany to accept immigrants from Afghanistan, the German government is supposed to accept 1,000 Afghan refugees per month in the face of danger. accept them in Germany together with their families.

According to the website of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Annalena Berbock, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Nancy Feser, the Minister of the Interior of Germany, agreed on the program to accept refugees at special risk from Afghanistan. According to this agreement, about 1000 Afghans and their families will be accepted in Germany every month. With this, the German government continues the support provided to the people of Afghanistan since the Taliban regained power in this country.

In this program, people who have performed special activities for women and human rights or in justice, politics, media, education, culture, sports or science sectors will be considered and therefore individually exposed are in danger.” Also, this program includes those Afghans who “experience or have experienced violence or harassment… because of their gender, sexual orientation or gender identity or religion”.

“Many Afghans live in fear of persecution and violence every day, those who believed in a better future for Afghanistan with us, lived with it and worked for it,” Burbank said. He added: “After gaining power in the summer of last year, the Taliban have deprived women and girls of any prospect and hope. “They continue to restrict their rights and brutally repress anyone who resists.” Therefore, this new humanitarian admission program includes such people.


Nancy Fazer also said: “We have to fulfill our humanitarian responsibilities and do it.” He said, “According to the defined acceptance criteria, we can protect especially vulnerable and vulnerable people from Afghanistan.” Germany’s interior minister has also indicated that the target rate for the admissions program is based on what has been in place so far. But now a “structured framework” is created for this work.

How to register Afghan nationals to immigrate to Germany

Only people living in Afghanistan are eligible to participate in this program. Eligible persons should be recommended for registration by authorized authorities. Authorized bodies are those selected by the German federal government for this purpose and determined based on their specific knowledge of the individuals or conditions in Afghanistan that are eligible for admission. Civil society institutions can also do this. Civil society organizations participating in this process are supported by a coordination office funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

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