The result of the shortlist (15) of the honorable Kabul Municipality Office was announced.

An email has been sent to eligible candidates.
Candidates who, due to one of the reasons (lack of relevant education, lack of relevant work experience, failure to submit valid education and work experience documents, failure to complete work experience periods, selection that does not include notification, lack of or completion of the application form) are not recognized as eligible. or are not satisfied with the decision of the shortlist committee, they can fill out the complaint form within (3) working days from the date (29/12/1401) and send it in person or via email address (civilappealsarcsa@ to register their complaint with the Civil Service Complaints Department of Administrative Reforms and Civil Service Department.

Important point:
It is sincerely requested that before filling and sending the complaint form, you should carefully read the bill of duties and terms of employment (education, related work experience, and duration of work experience) that you have applied for, and if If you are still not satisfied with the decision of the shortlist committee, clearly enter your reason in the complaint form so that the necessary investigation can be done.


  1. Your complaint will be reviewed based on the documents (application form, education, and work experience documents) that you have already sent as an attachment to the application form. Any documents attached to the complaint form are not acceptable.
  2. For applicants who have sent a new email after the end of the notification (24/10/1401) or (did not attach the application form, work experience documents, and supplementary educational documents during the application), their complaints will not be accepted.
  • Link list of fasteners:
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  • Complaint form link:
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      If you need more information, call one of the numbers below.
      0202143059 / 0202143058
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