Vice Chancellor of Financial and Administrative Affairs

Date Posted:Nov 16, 2022Reference:AAIHE004
Closing Date:Dec 2, 2022Work Type:Full-Time
Number of Vacancies:1Gender:Male
Functional Area:Administrative, Education/ TrainingNationality:Afghan
Salary Range:As per company salary scaleYears of Experience:2 – 3 Years
Contract Duration:Open EndedPossibility of Contract Extension:Yes
Contract Type:PermanentProbation Period:2 months
Required Languages:Dari, Pashto, English

About Ahmad Shah Abdali Institute of Higher Education:

Ahmad Shah Abdali is one of the 10 private higher education institutes of the Afghan Institute of Medical Education and Scientific Centers.

Ahmad Shah Abdali works in the private higher education institution of the Afghanistan Higher Education Institute of the Ministry of Law and Regulations in Sareh Sam, Khost province. This institution was founded in 1391 by Dr. Badshah Zar Abdali Kholwa University, which only has a Faculty of Medicine. For 7 days, he put his theory into practice, and then he was treated by Dr. Fargovi. Today, we are among the leading educational institutions and universities in Afghanistan.

Ahmad Shah Abdali has provided private higher education at the Institute of Six Rounds of Graduates of the Society for the purpose of serving, who is currently working as a doctor or co-specialist in various government and non-government hospitals.

It should be noted that the institute is officially recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) and PMC (Pakistan Medical Council) and its name is included in the list of international medical schools and at the same time in Canada and America ECFMG countries. Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) also received a sponsor note.

Job Summary:

  • Advertisement Number: Second time
  • Job Title: Vice President of Finance and Administration
  • Ministry: Ministry of Higher Education
  • Organization: Ahmad Shah Abdali Private Institution of Higher Education
  • Address: 1200 Family (Freedom Love), Khost, Afghanistan
  • Department: Financial and Administrative Affairs Assistant
  • Batch: Second
  • Reporting to: General Directorate
  • Reporting: From relevant directorates, managements and committees

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Cooperation with the head of the institution in financial, administrative, and service areas;
  2. Providing necessary advice to the head of the institution in financial, administrative, and service areas;
  3. Legal proceedings regarding the appointment and dismissal of non-academic members of the institution;
  4. Legal measures regarding the implementation of the pension rights of the employees of the institution;
  5. Lead and supervise the activities and operations of the relevant offices;
  6. Legal proceedings related to finance, accounting, procurement, seizure, and collection of property and goods and other financial, administrative, and service matters, including arranging suitable transportation facilities for the transfer of employees and educational activities efficiently and conveniently. implementation;
  7. To work on the regular and development budget of the institution, taking into account the needs and developments;
  8. Supervising the maintenance and maintenance of buildings, green areas, and other related areas;
  9. Legal actions regarding the assets and properties of the institution;
  10. Ensuring the conditions of hygiene, cleanliness, and cleanliness in the premises and environment of the institution;
  11. Prepare and organize relevant statistics;
  12. Development of effective and comprehensive measures regarding electricity supply, water supply, heating of buildings, healthy functioning of the cafeteria, and supervision of various offices in these areas;
  13. Plans and work programs for the development of the physical infrastructure of the institution;
  14. Creating plans and work programs for the creation and encouragement of profit-making activities, using these plans and programs to solve the problems of the institution in agreement with the assistants and faculties;
  15. Preparing a report on the activities of the institute’s directorate and academic council;
  16. Coordinating actions with the administration of each faculty regarding the appointment and dismissal of administrative and service members of the faculty;
  17. Organizing and supervising the implementation of the decisions of the academic council of higher education institutions in the administrative department;
  18. Provision of necessary facilities and facilities for students’ field academic staff;
  19. Formulate weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual work plan to achieve expected goals;
  20. Compliance with the laws, policies, and regulations of the institution;
  21. Planning and implementation of financial policies, procedures, and regulations;
  22. Planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling financial missions;
  23. The setting, implementing, and controlling the budget;
  24. Accounting matters; Revenue Affairs; and oversee procurement;
  25. Controlling the salaries of the staff and teachers of the institution;
  26. Preparation and settlement of balances, quarterly taxes, salaries, and other taxes;
  27. To present and defend the balance of the financial year to the trustee;
  28. Timely submission of tax returns;
  29. Preparation of daily, weekly and monthly reports;
  30. Cooperation in human resource matters;
  31. All duties pertaining to the Vice-Chancellor for Finance and Administration under the Act.

Job Requirement:

The minimum requirements for this post are mentioned in Articles 7 and 34 of the Civil Service Act.

  1. Degree of Education:
  • » At least a master’s degree, higher education degrees are preferred.
  1. Required Experiences:
  • » Have at least 2-3 years of work experience in the relevant department.
  1. Skills:
  • » Having management skills;
  • » Having computer skills;
  • » Having communication and comprehension skills;
  • » Having mastery in one of the national languages of the country and familiarity with the English language.

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Khost

Submission Guideline:

All interested and qualified people can send their CV and cover letter to the institute through this website ( or through the institute’s email address ([email protected]).

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