Community-Based Rehabilitation Worker (CBRW)

Job Location:Salaries and benefits are according to the internal SCA salary scale
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:Salaries and benefits are according to internal SCA salary scale
Vacancy Number:HRM/GRMO 26/2023
No. Of Jobs:1
City:Sarawza (Marzak)
Years of Experience:• 3-4 years’ relevant community development, especially within an NGO, UN agency, or similar organization, experience in social mobilization is a must, and experience in the area of disability is an asset.
Contract Duration:Fixed Term
Education:• Minimum 12 grade School Graduation, bachelor’s degree in social science or community development or Education will be advantaged.
Close date:2023-05-21

About SCA:

Since 1982, SCA has been conducting business in Afghanistan, where it currently oversees programs for community-driven development, health, and education. has a roughly $40 million USD yearly budget overall. There are around 5,700 employees overall, and 15 of them are not Afghan. The Kabul Management Office (KMO), five Regional Management Offices, and two Liaison Offices make up the SCA’s presence in Afghanistan. SCA has 20 employees in the Stockholm Management Office (SMO) and 3,500 members nationwide who are arranged in local chapters.SCA has undergone a transformation process over the last ten years, shifting away from a primary focus on providing humanitarian services and toward a more developmental role, emphasizing capacity building, rights-based programming, and result oriented. In order for people to engage completely in society and shape their own development, SCA’s objective is to empower individuals, communities, and local organizations, particularly in rural regions and with a special focus on women, girls, boys, and vulnerable groups including those with disabilities.

Job Description:

  • House-to-house investigations of PwD in the target region
  • With the help of the sections dealing with special education, employment support, and physiotherapy, determine the requirements of people with disabilities. Create a strategy for rehabilitative intervention, including the choice of training resources.
  • Serving as a first point of contact for CBR strategy implementation
  • helping the trainers of the Disability Project build CBR Committees
  • To effectively execute the CBR approach for the rehabilitation of PwD, identify and activate the local resources that are available.
  • to educate the public and provide guidance on topics related to rehabilitation and disability
  • to increase community awareness of impairments and ways to avoid them at different stages
  • After completing their preschool education, assist students with impairments in integrating into the regular classroom.
  • Identify and present the PwD to SCA Employment Support, Government agencies, and any other organization operating in the same field for vocational skills training and loan programs.
  • Help PwD complete applications for revolving loans and collect loan installment payments from clients.
  • Distribute periodicals like Wall magazine and Village Page to all the schools and health facilities in the area of concern, as well as Village Page to all the communities he or she covers.
  • Write disability articles and PwD life experiences with the assistance of the Disability Project Information Officers, or send them to the information staff.
  • aid the DPOs in identifying the PwDs technically
  • PWD in need should be directed to both internal and external rehabilitation resources,
  • Any additional task assigned by the CBR senior supervisor, the social integration officer, the CBR field supervisor, or the disability project manager.
  • Gather the monthly loan installments from the PwDs and deliver them to the Employment Support department.
  • Give community volunteers and family trainers instruction in the subjects or materials to be utilized for PwD therapy through home-based training.
  • To aid and enable the social trainer in delivering training on disability rights and other relevant subjects to community members, educators, health professionals, and other stakeholders with disabilities.
  • Encourage gender equality and the elimination of all forms of racial, political, and religious prejudice.
  • should actively engage in the SCA management’s arranged workshops, seminars, and conferences.
  • encourages effective collaboration with all RMOs units, other RMO divisions, and other SCA initiatives.
  • to actively contribute to ensuring that local people broadly understand and appreciate the RAD programs and SCA in general.
  • should do as instructed by the Field Supervisor and/or Social Integration Officer, which may include attending coordination meetings with other organizations.
  • Accept responsibility for your job while really attempting to meet your own and the group’s goals.
  • dedication to development and finding new methods to improve the lives of others.
  • builds and maintains strong bonds with the team and coworkers. He or she is personable, diplomatic, and encouraging, and he or she has mastered the art of listening.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in social science, community development, or education is preferred, as is completion of at least 12th grade.
  • Experience in social mobilization is essential, and knowledge of disabilities is a plus. Candidates should have three to four years relevant experience in community development, preferably within an NGO, UN agency, or other comparable organization.
  • operator-level computer proficiency, particularly with Microsoft Office suites.
  • English and Dari and/or Pashto proficiency, both in written and spoken form, will be a huge benefit.
  • Social and communication abilities
  • to work in a team, be analytical, and troubleshoot.
  • knowledge of budgeting, reporting, and planning
  • Traveling to the project sites in Afghanistan and adjusting to the SCA environment is both possible and willing.
  • Sincere, proactive, and polite.
  • As per JD of CBRW, the applicants should only be residents of the Sarawza district. In case two or three equal candidates were listed for the final interview, we will prefer the resident of the Marzak area inside the Srawza district.
  • To be Afghan National.

Submission Guideline:

  • Interested qualified candidates should submit a full CV with a cover letter explaining their motivation in applying for the job and highlighting their relevant skills and experience;
  • To apply online please send your application / CV and cover letter through Link below:

  • Academic certificates or references need not be submitted at this time. These will be requested at the time of the interview.
  • Only short-listed candidates will be invited for written tests and interviews.

SCA is committed to ethical standards and a safe and inclusive work environment.  Our work is based on our values: Responsiveness, Equality, Impartiality, Social Justice, and Integrity.

Background and reference checks are part of the recruitment process and will be conducted for the successful candidate.

Submission Email: