Job as a Psychologist in Paktia

Job Location:Paktia
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:According to Organization’s salary scale
Vacancy Number:581/2022
No. Of Jobs:1
Years of Experience:Having work experience of at least two years
Contract Duration:According to the project period
Education:Bachelor of psychology faculty
Close date:2022-11-07

About CAF:

Afghan Family Care Institute is a charitable, non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit organization that, since 2003, based on registration number 68 dated 7/7/1384 of the honorable Ministry of Economy in various sectors such as health, nutrition, community development, education, research, and empowerment The formation of women and youth in different provinces of the country such as Logar and Daikundi, Samangan, Paktia, Parwan is engaged in providing services to dear compatriots.

For more information, please refer to its internet site:

Job Description:

  • Health interviews and health care checklists of the center’s cases in order to find out their health problems in order to prevent the occurrence of communicable diseases in the center.
  • Counseling and familiarization with the cases of the center for the comfort and peace of mind of the victims under the support of the center.
  • Continuous consultations with cases, of course, in order to respect and strengthen their social relations with family members and society, and also to create changes in their behavior.
  • Of course, according to the policy of the women’s support center and the criteria of psychosocial counseling, it is possible to solve all kinds of problems.
  • Providing the mental and physical peace of the victims under the support in the center and their opposite sides.
  • Recording the number of consultations by separating the date, subject, and request of the cases and their relatives.
  • Providing valuable and Islamic advice for cases in order to find their way in the future.
  • Having a good relationship without any kind of discrimination with all the cases of the center.
  • Participating in meetings with relatives and families of the center’s cases, of course, for the purpose of resolving conflicts between them and solving people’s problems.
  • Providing a daily report to the supervisor of the center about the activities performed and maintaining the confidentiality of the cases (beneficiaries of the center).
  • Preparation, arrangement, and maintenance of register forms and files related to the center’s cases.
  • Continuous consultations with the family members of the cases, of course, individually and in groups with the cooperation of the center’s family counselors.
  • Counseling and mediation between cases, their families, and dependents.
  • Providing lasting consultations with the beneficiaries of the center, their families, and dependents in order to prevent the disintegration of families.
  • Keeping detailed records for each case.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology
  • Have at least two years of work experience

Submission Guidelines:

Those interested, including the above conditions, can send their requests through the Internet or copies of their documents to the following addresses.

  • note! Only qualified candidates will be asked for an interview.
  • the address of the Central office
  • 10th District, Road 07, Qala Fethullah Khan, House No. 2194, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Electronic skin: [email protected]
  • Central house shell skin chest #5515
  • Note: When sending the letter, please include a number and specify your province.

Submission Email:
[email protected]

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