Math Expert

Job Location:Kabul
Employment Type:Full Time
Vacancy Number:
No. Of Jobs:1
Organization:Lapis Communications
Years of Experience:5 years
Contract Duration:
Education:Master’s Degree
Close date:2023-05-27

About Lapis Communications:

Lapis is a full-service strategic communications firm with offices across the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. Its headquarters are in the United Arab Emirates. The Moby Group, which was founded in 2004, includes Lapis. From Central Asia to the Middle East and beyond, Moby Group has improved the media business in a variety of growing and frontier areas. Over 450 million people are impacted by Moby Group’s broadcasting, production, publishing, sports, and research operations, which are delivered by over 1000 employees working across 17 businesses and 7 regions. We make use of our sizable media and broadcast capabilities, our international network of influencers and subject-matter specialists, and experts in international development and marketing communications.

Lapis, which has been in operation in the nation for more than 10 years, has the largest communications network and extensive expertise dealing with various institutions both inside and outside of Afghanistan. Lapis has carried out communication initiatives in the areas of development, agriculture, education, peacebuilding, and others that range in size and scope. The growth of civil society, thwarting violent extremism, economic development, elections, gender equality, governance, migration, peacebuilding, and humanitarian crises are some of its areas of competence in the field of communications.

Job Description:

We are looking for exceptional applicants for the position of math expert who has the drive, know-how, and mental sharpness to aid in the implementation of the “Expanding Access to Education in Afghanistan” project. The creation of top-notch math instructional material for transmission on TV, radio, and the internet will be the responsibility of Math Expert. The subject matter must be based on the seventh through ninth-grade Afghan national math curriculum.

Responsibility & Tasks

  • choose important math ideas for each grade from the lower secondary math curriculum in Afghanistan.
  • reviews the chosen subjects’ suggested means of instruction and evaluation in the curriculum
  • The Chief Education/Content Officer provides technical assistance in adapting and organizing the chosen content to fit the needs of TV and radio broadcasts.
  • The project media team collaborates to produce a number of TV and radio math education programs that highlight the use of arithmetic in real-world situations.
  • The creation of instructional online videos and quizzes for grade-level-appropriate math topics that are covered on TV and radio shows with more depth and details using charts, diagrams, animations, images, lectures, etc., is done in close collaboration with an education technologist and expert in online content.
  • Consult additional popular math TV programs and online math learning materials offered by media outlets.
  • examines quiz outcomes to identify learner misunderstandings as a direction for content and delivery improvement
  • maintains communication with online platform users, especially with students
  • continuously enhances instructional material while taking into account user and student suggestions and opinions
  • ensures that the instructional material for TV shows and internet distribution is relevant in terms of religion and culture
  • any relevant tasks as required

Job Requirements:

  • mastery of the topic, delivery, and evaluation techniques
  • understanding of the Afghan lower secondary math curriculum, including its content and organization, to a great extent
  • knowledge of content adaption for transmission online, on radio, and on television
  • mathematics master’s degree
  • a minimum of five years experience creating and instructing math curriculum
  • Microsoft Office proficiency Capability to work well in a collaborative environment

Submission Guideline:

Send your resume and a brief cover letter to [email protected]. Please submit all attachments as PDFs, and ensure that the document title includes name your first and last name as well as the position for which you are applying. 

Submission Email:

[email protected]