Warehouse Guards

Job Location:Kunar
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:Salary As per the Organization Salary Scale
Vacancy Number:23606 – 010 Warehouse Guards
No. Of Jobs:6
City:Ghazi Abad and Chapa Dara districts
Organization:AWRO, Afghan Women’s Rights Organization
Years of Experience:1-2 Years of Relevant experience in Guarding
Contract Duration:3 months
Education:Not required
Close date:2022-12-06

About AWRO, Afghan Women’s Rights Organization:

AWRO is a nonprofit organization that works in the areas of food security, agriculture, human rights, capacity building, humanitarian assistance, and more. The group was first founded in 2007 with the goal of helping the Afghan people create better communities where everyone has fair access to rights, justice, and health care.

Job Description:

  • performs random spot checks around the facility; ensures that there is always a guard stationed at the building’s entrance; keeps the front door locked at all times; The guard must be awake and vigilant at all times; must work in concert with the storekeeper; maintains surveillance of the roadway and is alert to any unusual movement; heeds any unusual sounds and is vigilant for new developments. (For instance, approaching explosion noises); greet guests formally; invites guests to check their baggage to ensure there are no firearms inside; inquire about the visitor’s ID card and the purpose of the visit; invite guests to wait outside before alerting a staff member; accompany visitors inside the premises and welcome them

Job Requirements:

Guarding experience in NGOs or relevant companies that is relevant

Submission Guideline:

Candidates who are interested must submit their applications to the email address shown below. The email’s subject line must expressly state the following:

Subject Line:

23606 – 010 Warehouse Guards

Submission Email:

[email protected]

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