Chief Information Officer by FMFB

The First Microfinance Bank – Afghanistan.

The First Microfinance Bank – Afghanistan (FMFB-A) commenced operations in 2004, and it is a subsidiary of the Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance (AKAM). AKAM operates financial institutions in more than 15 developing countries globally. FMFB-A has links to the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), a cluster of nine development agencies concentrating on health, education, culture, and rural economic growth primarily in Asia and Africa.

Our main goal in Afghanistan is to help reduce poverty and promote economic growth by offering sustainable financial services to those who are underserved. As a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) since 2016, we are part of a network of independent banks that use finance to support sustainable economic, social, and environmental development. Our approach to banking is based on values, and we aim to provide affordable financial services that encourage entrepreneurship, agriculture, incremental housing, and clean energy in Afghanistan.

FMFB-A aims to solidify its position as the top financial service provider in Afghanistan. Currently, as of December 2021, FMFB-A holds over AFN 4 billion, accounting for 61% of the market share in terms of portfolio, making it the market leader. The bank boasts over 230,000 active clients, including borrowers and savers who utilize the bank’s services to stabilize their consumption during times of irregular income, rather than solely accumulating assets.


  • Closing Date: May 28, 2023
  • Reference: FMFB-HR-0036-2023
  • Number of Vacancies: 1
  • Salary Range: As per the company salary scale
  • Years of Experience: 4 – 6 years
  • Probation Period: Not Specified
  • Contract Duration: Not specified
  • Contract Extensible: Yes
  • Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Work Type: Full Time
  • Gender: Any

The role involves directly reporting to the CEO and overseeing all technology, networks, and IT-related functions at FMFB-A. Additionally, the position entails setting policies and managing information systems, governance, cybersecurity, and digital transformation.

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • I oversee the IT operations to ensure that all FMFB-A units receive quality, timely, and sufficient IT services. This includes networking, connectivity, database management, provision of the latest hardware and software packages, and resolving any computer-related issues.
  • Propose hardware/software solutions to accomplish the company’s business objectives.
  • I can assist in evaluating and predicting technology advancements and suggest suitable steps and resources manage.
  • Ensure that timely and relevant standards, manuals, and procedures for the FMFB-A IT are in place and implemented in a due manner. 
  • It is important to establish practical and measurable IT goals at the departmental level, communicate them effectively, reinforce them consistently, and provide adequate training and empowerment to staff to attain them.
  • It is important to make sure that the performance of the department staff is adequately planned, monitored, and appraised in a timely manner. It is also crucial to provide the necessary resources, support, and coaching to the staff. Additionally, there should be a well-defined segregation of duties within the department that is strictly followed. Lastly, it is essential to clearly communicate to the staff the link between individual and unit-level performance with the FMFB-A objectives and vision.
  • It is important to establish and maintain a working environment at the department level where mutual respect, trust, cooperation, and open communication are valued. This fosters a sense of empowerment and honor among all employees. Additionally, it is important to establish and maintain productive working relationships with other departments within FMFB-A.
  • Ensure the quality and cost-effectiveness of the IT equipment provided and service delivered by the IT department to any stakeholder of its services. 
  • It is important to ensure that accurate, thorough, and timely reports are created and delivered to the appropriate recipients.
  • Any other related tasks as assigned by the supervisor. 

Job Requirements

  • Having a Bachelor’s degree in computer science is a minimum requirement, but having a Master’s degree in the same field would be an advantageous addition.
  • Certification in CCNA, CISA, ITIL, CEH or other related international certifications will be a plus.
  • To be considered, applicants must have a minimum of four years of relevant IT experience in a banking environment. Alternatively, candidates with at least six years of comparable IT experience in national or international financial organizations will also be considered.
  • Impeccable IT knowledge and technical skills and superior leadership skills.
  • Create policies and strategies to handle competing priorities and efficiently manage department resources, such as personnel and finances.
  • Ability to implement an effective leadership model in the bank and maximize the contribution of the team to achieve the strategic objectives of the bank.
  • Ability to professionally communicate about the Bank and represent the Bank at national and international levels. 

Submission Guideline

If you meet the above requirements, we are encouraging you to apply for this position. Please send us your CV along with a cover letter via email at [email protected] and cc [email protected].

Please make sure that your email includes the vacancy ID as the subject line.

Note that, only the candidates who are meeting the requirements of the position will be shortlisted.

Submission Email

[email protected]